McGraw-Hill Connect® Accounting
The next evolution in online homework management and assessment, McGraw-Hill Connect Accounting is an online assignment and assessment solution that connects you with the tools and resources you’ll need to achieve success:

• Access chapter assignments for limitless practice and immediate feedback.

• Maximize your study time with:

Intelligent Response Technology (IRT): IRT is a redesigned student interface for our end-of-chapter assessment content. The benefits include improved answer acceptance to reduce student’s frustration with formatting issues (such as rounding); and a general journal application that looks and feels more like what you would find in a general ledger software package.  Also, select questions have been redesigned to add more decision-making by the students by providing tables to work through rather than have all calculations done offline. For more information about Intelligent Response Technology, please view the following video:

LearnSmart: an adaptive self-study technology that offers a seamless combination of practice, assessment, and remediation for concepts in the textbook. Download the Learnsmart app to your smartphone or tablet and practice anytime!

Guided Examples present a narrated, animated, step-by-step walk-through of select questions similar to those assigned.

Self-Quiz and Study, a resource that assesses your level of understanding, suggests targeted readings from the text, and links to supplemental study material like narrated PowerPoint® slides

With McGraw-Hill Connect® Plus Accounting, you also receive access to a searchable, integrated online version of the textbook to help you successfully complete your work whenever and wherever you choose. Add highlights and notes to help you study more effectively.

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